Learning Adventures

Denali National Park
In Denali National Park
Grand Teton NP
Horseback at Grand Teton.

For two decades Michon and I proudly operated Earth Explore Learning Adventures.  For almost 20 years it was the nation’s highest rated youth travel program.  Now we’ve relaunched our business to offer the same amazing programs, and more, to adults!  Here’s our story!

Beginning back in 1998, our programs took thousands of 5th grade through middle school students and their teachers on adventures in science and learning throughout Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Alaska, Costa Rica, California and Hawaii.  Our kids dug up dinosaur bones with real paleontologists, stood with historians at the headwaters of the Missouri river to hear tales of Lewis and Clark, watched lava flow into the ocean in Hawaii with University of Hawaii scientists, witnessed Green Sea Turtles laying eggs on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, and hiked with naturalists in Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Denali, Kenai Fjords, Hawaii Volcanoes, Monteverde Cloud Forest and countless other amazing places.

In many ways, Earth Explore was about sharing the world with students the way we liked to share it with our own kids.  Through adventure, fun, hands-on learning, and observation.

Kenai Fjords, Alaska

Now in this new phase of our lives, we find that suddenly our kids are grown and on their own. We feel it is the perfect time to do something we’ve always been asked to do, and have been excited about for some time.

For all those years when we were sending students and teachers on the adventures of their lives, the main question we fielded each summer was, “do you have these trips for adults?”  Yes, parents felt excited for their kids, but also a bit left out.  We shared those feelings and understood.  Because even for us, the complexity and responsibility involved in taking special care of the hundreds of students entrusted to us each summer kept us pretty cooped up too.  Although our large staff of teachers, travel managers and program partners were actively engaged with the students each second of their trips, we could only leave the office briefly to be with them.  Some interesting problem or a travel glitch that needed our attention always drew us back to the phones and the computers.

Costa Rica
Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica

Now though, we are a bit free-er, or at least we feel that way.  And we’re betting that thousands of other people our age feel the same way.  We are empty nesters, many of us, and ready to travel to exotic and beautiful places to experience, learn, laugh, and have new adventures of our own with people of like mind.

So we invite you to watch as Earth Explore Learning Adventures, established back in 1998, becomes Earth Explore/Road Expats.  Finally Michon and I can join in, and share the kind of learning we’ve always loved with people much like ourselves; the adults, parents and empty-nesters who have always asked for their very own Learning Adventures.