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  • Wine Country Going Strong

    Wine Country Going Strong

    Although the early October wildfires that raced through California’s Wine Country caused lots of damage, the tourist spots and infrastructure of the region survived almost entirely intact.  As a resident of Sonoma County, and Santa Rosa in particular, I don’t want to minimize the impact of the fires.  Thousands of […]

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  • Wrights Lake Perfection

    Wrights Lake Perfection

    There are places that hold special meaning, and capture your heart.  For Michon and me, Wrights Lake in the High Sierra is one of those.  We found it about five years ago, and it has been a beautiful refuge for relaxation and kayaking ever since. Few know about this lake, […]

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  • Historic Lodgings in New Orleans

    Historic Lodgings in New Orleans

    In New Orleans, history seeps from every brick and building.  Merchants, sailors, pirates, privateers, and royalty have tread the well-worn stones of the French Quarter for some 300 years.  So besides stellar gumbo and shrimp etouffee, when Michon and I are in this amazing city we don’t waste an opportunity […]

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  • Lessons from the Patriots

    Lessons from the Patriots

    The world is always abuzz with political news, much of it disturbing and polarizing.  Now, with the new administration in the United States contributing to a climate of uncertainty, it may surprise you to know that there is a new place to reflect and take stock of where we’ve come from […]

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  • Lovely sunset at Lakeside Beach.

    Lake Tahoe’s Secret Gem

    California’s spectacular Lake Tahoe is certainly most famous as a winter wonderland, the home of ski resorts like Squaw Valley, Heavenly Valley, Northstar and Kirkwood (nearby).  But surprisingly, summer is actually the more popular season at Tahoe, in terms of visitor numbers.  Michon and I like to bask in the clean mountain air, often 30 […]

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  • Surprises Await on the Tiburon Ferry

    Surprises Await on the Tiburon Ferry

    Most people jump on the Ferry to Alcatraz Island when they visit San Francisco, or head to the City from the Larkspur Ferry to enjoy a San Francisco Giants game. But a hidden gem of the ferry system, is the Blue and Gold Fleet ferry from Tiburon to San Francisco […]

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  • The Brighty cocktail

    Brighty the Mule and the Cocktail

    Years ago Karl surprised me with one of our first trips together. He didn’t tell me where we were going, just that I would love it. At the time we lived in Costa Mesa, California, and started driving on Highway 15. Instead of heading off toward Las Vegas, which is […]

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  • Scribe Winery and Hacienda

    Sonoma County, We Live Where Others Vacation

    “We live where others vacation.” That’s one of our favorite sayings. We have lived in many exciting places in the world, but there is none better than Sonoma County in northern California. The rolling hills dotted with majestic oak trees, the rows of grapevines spreading across the land, and the […]

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  • Along Park Avenue, Arches NP

    Along Park Avenue, Arches NP

    Whenever we’re traveling, there are times when words don’t do the feeling justice.  On a recent trip to Utah’s Arches National Park, early evening along the Park Avenue trail was definitely one of those times.  Through this blog, our goal is to share some of our special places with you, to take you along […]

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  • Sunset over Arches

    Sunset over Arches

    One of our many favorite places is Arches National Park in Utah.  We go there to refresh, bond with the beautiful red rock, laugh and play.  We’ll be posting regularly about our many adventures, but for now we had to share this sunset, a magical one, captured near Courthouse Wash […]

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