Hong Kong

  • What You Don’t See

    What You Don’t See

    When we travel, we learn.  Sometimes when we least expect it, and when we’d rather be quaffing down a cold beer.  And this is especially true when we show an interest in people and their unique and fascinating stories. Where this particular story begins is at an English style pub in the […]

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  • What we Love About Travel

    What we Love About Travel

    When you travel, sometimes the most magical things happen unexpectedly.  And these things often remind you that wherever you travel, people are people.  For instance, Michon and I were returning to the Star Ferry terminal in Kowloon, across from Victoria Island in Hong Kong, when we ran into this fun […]

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  • Egg Tarts and other Hong Kong Sweets

    Egg Tarts and other Hong Kong Sweets

    Hong Kong is a town of energy and mystery.  You get the feeling that however many times you visit, you will never completely know the city.  I’m drawn by the crowded and fragrant street markets, the spectacular cityscape, and the melting pot of cultures and people.  You can wander out […]

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  • Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula, Hong Kong

    Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula, Hong Kong

    Wherever we go, Michon and I like to wander backroads and alleyways, looking for the unexpected and surprising. But, from time to time while exploring, we also love to splurge a bit and indulge overselves.  And for as long as we’d been talking about visiting Hong Kong together, we’ve also been imagining the […]

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  • The Unexpected

    The Unexpected

    This is what I love about travel… the unexpected! Karl and I were enjoying the skyline of Hong Kong on Victoria Peak and taking the usual pictures and selfies.  I had noticed on the tram a group of school children and their teachers talking and being noisy as children are. […]

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  • Hello World!

    Hello World!

    Hello World!  Just a quick word about Road Expats and what we’ll be doing in this space. We are a 50 something couple facing a newly empty house, and sharing a desire to travel widely and meet amazing people, and discover special places.  Through our blog adventures, and our videos, we’re going […]

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