• A Dickens Christmas in England

    A Dickens Christmas in England

    If you’re lucky enough to get to London or its environs this Christmas season, you might harbor a secret wish to step into 19th Century London, that magical and, well, rustic place portrayed in the pages of Charles’ classic “A Christmas Carol.” Well, what’s stopping you?  These days England abounds […]

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  • Italy Top Luxury Destination

    Italy Top Luxury Destination

    Italy still has some serious travel panache.  In a fall survey of hundreds of travel agents, Italy beat out all comers as the most desirable destination for affluent travelers. In the survey of professional travel bookers, Italy beat out European river cruises, always a strong market in recent years, as […]

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  • The Traghettos of Venice

    The Traghettos of Venice

    Whenever Michon and I travel, we like to learn new stuff and pass that along to others.  And very often, what we learn becomes part of one of our custom adult trips.  The inside knowledge that we pick up in spots across the globe is too cool not to share […]

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  • Venice by Morning Light

    Venice by Morning Light

    Venice is magical.  Its many moods, and its bustling, winding streets and alleyways are unique in the world.   Michon and I have found that the best way to have the city to ourselves is to rise early, and venture out for a couple of perfect hours.  The sights are […]

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  • The Amsterdam to Paris Express

    The Amsterdam to Paris Express

      I love this shot.  Simply put, it illustrates the reasons I love to travel.  Just read the sign. 8AM, Amsterdam, waiting for the arrival of the TGV to Paris.  Anticipation, excitement, spontaneity; it’s all there in the picture.  If truth be told Michon and I were up late the previous […]

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  • Europe Anyone?

    Europe Anyone?

    Norwegian Airlines is back at it, and that means good news for U.S. travelers eyeing a trip to Europe. The airline was just approved to operate a slew of new flights starting in June between the northeast U.S. and European destinations.  And as travelers from some key west coast cities […]

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  • Scandinavia Anyone?

    Scandinavia Anyone?

    Here at Road Expats we’re always on the lookout for great fares to Europe.  Now, Norweigian Air is breaking from the low cost pack with an unusual strategy that’s already delivering amazing roundtrip airfares to Northern Europe. The airline is offering the low airfares by focusing on smaller cities instead of major […]

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  • Caught with Hot Patatjes!

    Hot Patatjes and Amsterdam by Night

    We love Amsterdam at night.  Young people throng the popular squares, restaurants are open late, bikes go whizzing by, and the atmosphere is electric.  Last time we were there, we stayed at a great hotel called the Park, not far from Leidseplein, a square that is a hot spot for […]

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  • A Moment of Peace

    A Moment of Peace

    I’m known in my family for lighting a candle where ever I travel. It’s a time to get quiet, say a word of thanks, and a simple blessing for family and friends who are no longer with us. Candles have been lit in the grand Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for my […]

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