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We’re Karl Van Amburg and Michon Sardella, and as you can see, we’re certainly not your average twenty-something travel bloggers!  You might say that gives us a unique perspective on life and travel that has come from decades spent raising kids, owning homes, and now finding ourselves empty nesters with more time to travel.

Michon has been a graphic designer, writer, international travel professional, and interior designer.  She currently designs interiors and stages homes for clients in Sonoma and Marin Counties in California.  I spent 20 years or so as a television news reporter and anchor in Los Angeles and San Francisco among other places. Then, for about 15 years Michon and I sent thousands of kids on life changing educational trips through our own company, Earth Explore.  Currently I produce corporate video in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am leading the kickoff of our new travel business for adults, Earth Explore – Road Expats.

As a 50 something couple with one still in college and one recently launched, we’ve freed up more time to get out on the road, across the US, and overseas.  And from what we’re seeing, we’re part of a trend of active Americans of our age who are using an empty nest as a springboard to travel, learn and experience the world.  In most cases folks like us have spent the past 20 years or so joyfully raising families, paying the bills, taking family road trips, and living life.  But the urge to travel more was always there.

Now that we’re venturing out more, we’re learning a lot.  We’ve have found that traveling as empty nesters, past 50, is a bit different than when we were in our 20s and 30s.  In many ways it’s actually better, and we’ll be sharing our thoughts, advice and even travel hacks that we pick up as we get out and travel more.

Our wanderings have recently taken us to Amsterdam, London, Paris, the Southwest, Hawaii, Hong Kong and Italy.  We always come home fairly quickly, as we still have careers and a mortgage to pay (yeah and tuition and things like that too).  But we’re both self employed, and happily so and have a bit of freedom that that choice allows us.

Now to us, travel is part places, and at least equal parts people.  Fascinating, involved, caring and interesting people.  And we’ve found that wherever we go, those people enrich our travels immensely.  You’ll read about some of them in our blogs to come.  Like the Atlanta teacher we met one sublime evening in Arches National Park, who was making a career change at 37, going from teaching to designing mobile apps.  Or the French family who we met hiking on the rim of Arizona’s awesome Canyon de Chelly who read about the place in a guidebook, and just had to experience it. Or the kids who ran towards us at the top of the Peak Tram in Hong Kong, eager to practice their English, and interview Americans about their trip to Hong Kong.

We love to share what we see and learn, and who we meet with others.  We also enjoy telling you about cool travel information, advice and tips that we’ve found work well for us, and we imagine for others of our age who are active and like to travel.  We hope you’ll follow us as we live life, escape for travel adventures, and continue our discoveries in the weeks and months to come!

Best wishes,

Karl and Michon

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