Grabbing the Perks

One of the great things about being self-employed, retired, or semi retired is the freedom to strike out on an adventure when the mood arises. And, of course, when the price to reach that amazing destination drops through the floor. It's astonishing how low flights and hotels go in the cool to cold months between January and April, when most of the world is toiling away in the gloaming of a low sun angle, and pounding down loads of coffee. In these months, travel to Europe is especially cheap, often 1/3 to 1/2 the normal summertime rate. Yes, that means $500-600 round-trip tickets to Europe, and $600-700 roundtrip to Asia (from the West Coast) True, temperatures are chilly, but the people are generally friendly and less stressed out than they are during the summer tourist season, meaning you can actually have unhurried meals and nice conversations with the locals. Case in point is Michon's birthday in March, when throwing caution to the wind (and taking advantage of travel deals) we are generally off to Europe or Asia on a new adventure. Recently we were in London, Amsterdam and Paris in the chilly days of early spring, and could not have been more delighted with the people, the weather, and of course the prices.  Yeah, that's Michon looking a bit chilly but happy to be in Amsterdam.  She's always happy there, as Holland is where she spent a year with a wonderful host family when she was but a young lass...But, I digress. One thing that we've found in our off-season jaunts is that the weather is rarely as cold or forbidding as you might have heard. It certainly doesn't have to be an obstacle to getting out and having fun.  And, if you've ever battled the crowds in summertime to get into say the Musee d'Orsay or the Lourve in Paris, you will appreciate short lines, and relaxed viewing. And, hey, bottom line.  You get to wear all of those fabulous jackets and scarves that you've been hoarding.  That's Michon on Pont Alexandre III, and looking quite stylish I might add, on a not quite sultry but certainly comfy late spring afternoon. So I guess my point is, just get out there and take advantage of the prices and opportunity to travel when most of the world is grimly toiling away, while making summer travel plans on their work desktops.  And don't take the weather people too literally.  Especially with global warming well underway, the window to comfortably travel the world in style, and at a bargain, is expanding daily.    

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