A free carry-on you can Wear

If someone offered you stylish piece of carry-on luggage for the plane, you’d be intrigued.  Now, let’s say you’re able to bring this bag onboard for free. Nice, right? Finally, imagine that piece getting you into a fancy restaurant upon arrival at your destination.  Wow, a bag can do all of that?

Admit it. You’d be interested.

Well, for all you guys out there who have secretly wanted a men’s purse (murse), but didn’t feel comfortable carrying one, I’ve got you covered.  And not only is the solution practical, but quite good looking as well.

Great travel blazer
Travelsmith travel blazer

Enter the Travelsmith blazer, a classic for every guy who has ever arrived at the airport with his hands full of stuff, and few options to stow it.  This immensely useful piece of clothing is loaded with pockets, 10 in all, with sizes that handle everything from passports to boarding passes, keys, cell phones and other digital devices, and even more.  There have been times when my trusty Travelsmith has actually taken the place of a carry-on bag.  The only real limit is how bulky you want to appear.  My main go to jacket has around 5 pockets outside, and an equal number inside, and unlike most sport coats, they are extremely usuable pockets.  And by that I mean designed specifically to carry large items like passports (interior pocket), boarding passes (another interior pocket), cell phone (both interior and exterior pockets, and lots else.  And half of the pockets come with security…zippers that allow you to safely stow your valuables.

Zippered pockets galore

Keeping up with the times, these days all Travelsmith blazers come with at least one pocket featuring RFID-blocking technology, so that modern cyber-thieves are foiled if they try to grab your identity through the fabric.

Now, this is a sport coat, and a good looking one at that.  So that boast about getting you into a fancy restaurant upon arrival is backed up.  There have been times when, arriving famished, Michon and I have headed straight to the hotel and dinner.  This jacket will make the transition in style, even if the restaurant is sporting a couple of Michelin stars.  Here I am in Paris wearing one of mine.

Karl with Travelsmith

One final thing.  How many of us, when we were boys, wanted a cool secret pocket in our jackets to stow all of our hidden treasures?  Say no more.  Every Travelsmith comes complete with a small but useful hidden pocket, sewn into the lining, and secured with velcro.  You have to look to find it.  And that’s the point really.  This jacket is fun.  But it’s also useful, like a good tool.  And what guy doesn’t like that?

Secret pocket in blazer.

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