Tahoe’s Hidden Shore

The quiet hush of Tahoe’s hidden shore is something to be savored, especially in the wintertime.  For those of us grown weary of the rushing

Karl and Michon on Tahoe’s Hidden Shore

casino and resort crowds of South Shore, a trip to the West Side is like a step back in time.  And I mean that in a very good way.

On a winter morning Michon and I walked a few yards to a hot cup of coffee and breakfast, served up by the great folks at our family run B and B, the Cottage Inn.   A few minutes later, and just a 100 yard walk away brought us to the frosty white shore of the Lake, where we had the whole amazing scene to ourselves.  For 20 miles south, and 12 miles east, the lake stretched out before us, with the surrounding peaks in California and Nevada caked in white.

Lake Tahoe and Snow
Lake Tahoe’s Shoreline after a Snowstorm.

Although it’s been a low snow year for the Sierra, the perfect white

ribbons of several ski resort trails were visible from our private shoreline, tempting us with the lure of a perfect day on the slopes.  Maybe it was the the tranquility of the scene and its effect on our moods, but we opted instead for a more leisurely day exploring the as yet uncut cross country tracks of nearby Sugar Pine Point State Park.   This is where Nordic athletes gathered to compete during the 1960 Winter Olympics based at nearby Squaw Valley.  For us, it was a pure white wonderland.

Tahoe cross country trails
Sugar Pine Point State Park
Winter scene at Lake Tahoe
Beautiful trails at Sugar Pine Point

Untracked glades, a perfectly untouched forest, and not a soul in sight.  Ok, we did get a little lost, but the colored markers on the trees helped us find our way in the end, and delivered us back to the parking lot, unscathed.

So we can’t say enough good things about finding your way to the hidden shore of Lake Tahoe this winter.  While you’re there, don’t forget to stop for a sandwich, or pizza and beer at the new, and very stylish Westshore Market and Deli.  And, if you’re staying anywhere on the North or West shore, be sure to pay a visit to one of our favorite stops in the Sierra, the Mountain Grill and Bar at the venerable, but classic Sunnyside Resort, where the ambiance is legendary, the views stretch out for miles, and the vibe is Sierra-friendly.


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