Our Adult Trips are Coming!

Well, it’s happening.  Really!  After two decades of creating travel opportunities for students, our first adult trips are on the way!  We have chosen Costa Rica and Italy as our kickoff destinations and will soon be publicizing the trips to active adult groups around the country.

20170903_122151It is all part of Michon and my vision to turn Earth Explore Adventures, our passion project of adventurous, educational hands-on travel for kids, into Earth Explore – Road Expats.  A place where adults who are still active and curious can find people of like mind, who want to do a bit more than take a cruise.  We’ll be interacting with people and cultures, learning fascinating things about nature and science everywhere we go, and importantly, connecting to places and people in a very personal way.  More about our philosophy of travel here.

After almost twenty very successful years of handling the responsibility of taking special care of young people, we are excited to be traveling with adults our own age.  And that is really the point of Earth Explore – Road Expats.  That adults deserve (and desire) the same kind of active, curious, educational and fun travel that young people do.  Full of structure of course, but not so much that we can’t be spontaneous. For those of you who follow Michon and myself on our blog Road Expats, you know we like to learn, try new things, and have fun wherever we go.  And that exact style of travel is what we are bringing to Earth Explore – Road Expats.  Because at the end of the day, curiosity and joy are really what drives us to travel.  And those two things are what we are baking into every trip we offer!

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