Wow! Can you get away this winter?

It wasn’t that long ago that Norwegian Airlines announced shockingly low airfares to Europe from major US markets.  And now another European upstart is shaking things up once again….in a big way.

Iceland based Wow Air is blowing away any financial excuses most of us have about getting to Europe this winter season.  600 dollar fares?  Think again.  Some round trips from the West coast, sampled for early December, have been as low as $450, round trip.  Of course, even less from the East.

Now of course, you won’t be getting a first class flight experience.  However, if saving lots of money is your thing, Wow makes it fairly easy to choose what you’d like to pay for (think food, entertainment), and what’s you’d like to bring along yourself.  As we write this, Wow is allowing carry on bags at no fee (just slightly smaller than other airlines) which can weigh up to about 20 pounds, as well as a small personal item.  Of course, additional baggage can be brought along for a fee.

Most travelers we’ve talked to say the experience was pretty good, and even kind of a cheerful, lighthearted experience.  The planes and interiors are splashy and painted in bring orange and pink colors, and the crew is mostly young and cheerful.  If you’d like a couple of opinions about what it’s like to fly Wow, here is a link.  Flying Wow.

All of Wow’s flights go through Reykjavik, Iceland, but connections can be made when booking to a variety of major cities across Europe.  Flights right now are available only from major airports like LAX and SFO on the West Coast, and a number of large airports in the East and Midwest including Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Cincinnati, Miami, NYC and Washington DC, among others.  Go to Wow’s website to find out if your local hub is currently served.

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