Wrights Lake Perfection

There are places that hold special meaning, and capture your heart.  For Michon and me, Wrights Lake in the High Sierra is one of those.  We found it about five years ago, and it has been a beautiful refuge for relaxation and kayaking ever since.

Few know about this lake, as it is found down a fairly long bumpy road,  tucked tight against the western edge of Desolation Wilderness.  You have to work a bit to get there.  But within 15 miles of Lake Tahoe as the crow flies, is something close to perfection.  The granite peaks of the Crystal Range tower above the lake in a classic High Sierra view.  The camping is idyllic.

Part of what’s special about Wrights is what isn’t there.  No motorboats, no large crowds, and

no lake resorts.  Just a gorgeous, tranquil setting shared with those of like mind who also appreciate its beauty, majesty and pristine silence.

We have other such memorable places.   Arches National Park at sunset, hidden walks in Paris, breakfast spots off busy avenues in Hong Kong.  But here we’ve found amazing high country camping in a setting normally accessible only to those willing to strap on a backpack and hike for miles.  And we’ve done that too.  Two years ago we hiked together to beautiful Grouse Lake,  within Desolation Wilderness high on the crest in the picture below.  And it also was sheer perfection. So, whatever you do, find those places that bring happiness and make the world seem far away.  And go to them as often as you can.



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