Lessons from the Patriots

The world is always abuzz with political news, much of it disturbing and polarizing.  Now, with the new administration in the United States contributing to a climate of uncertainty, it may surprise you to know that there is a new place to reflect and take stock of where we’ve come from as Americans.

In April, Philadelphia will cut the ribbon on the all new Museum of the American Revolution.  With the nation’s political climate at a low boil, how’s that for a timely debut?  The all new facility offers a glimpse into the rough and tumble, tumultuous years of the Revolution, from the first stirrings of discontent among the 13 colonies, to the final deciding battle.  Here is a place to learn that the American political landscape has always been a place of conflict, of battling opinions, and of sacrifice.  Housing thousands of historic objects, the museum is a state of the art experience that blends
multimedia experiences with those very real artifacts to bring a time in our now distant past, to life.

Here you will see the actual tent that General Washington used as his field headquarters, and home, for most of the war.  Other, equally poignant objects are designed to give the visitor a tactile experience of American history.  The museum will also house special exhibits and events, all in keeping with our evolving interpretation of the impact of the revolution, what it meant, and how it resonates through our national identity still. Don’t miss it.

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