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You’ve been there.  I know we have.  Michon and I arrive in a new city, and set out to see the sights.  That’s great, of course.  But we are also interested in meeting and interacting with the locals.  Where are they?  What are they doing?  Hard to say when you’re new to a destination.  But thanks to a an innovative travel app we’ve just discovered, you don’t have to guess anymore.


goby-logo-760420Goby may just be the next best thing to having a friend in each city you visit.  It can guide you to the hotspots, like popular hotels, museums, restaurants and more.  Sort of like a yelp for cities all over the world. But the app doesn’t stop there.  The best thing about Goby is its ability to help you find events; things like concerts, plays, and sporting activities that might be right around the corner, or across town. Yes, just like a concierge in your pocket.  And the app presents the options in a searchable format.

For example, say you’re in London, and the kids are not that excited about a run through the medieval armor collection at the Victoria and Albert.  (Personally I don’t blame them) What do you do?  Just open the Goby app, punch in the location, the type of activity you’re looking for (in this case family fun) and your time frame.  Going to the Vic and Albert tomorrow?  Add tomorrow’s date, and the options come flooding in.  It looks something like this:


Of course, Goby is adding more activities and events all of the time, and may be better in some places than others.  But you know what?  It’ll sure give you some options instead of just checking with the concierge (assuming your hotel has one).

Now, depending on your level of comfort and need for privacy, you can also connect Goby with your Facebook account.  That way it looks at what you like and suggests activities and events that may be to your liking.  Or you can just program it with your preferences, things like hikes, stage plays…whatever does it for you.

Now sure, you can still drop by the concierge desk and ask there. But until you can fit a knowledgeable, likeable local expert in your pocket, Goby will pretty much be the way to go.  Available for Android and Apple OS.

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