Sonoma County, We Live Where Others Vacation

“We live where others vacation.” That’s one of our favorite sayings. We have lived in many exciting places in the world, but there is none better than Sonoma County in northern California. The rolling hills dotted with majestic oak trees, the rows of grapevines spreading across the land, and the gentle fog blowing in at night and slowly moving out by day. Karl and I often enjoy driving along Highway 12 past Kenwood and Glen Ellen, towards Sonoma to see what we can discover.

This weekend, it was a historic house that we have watched for three years as workers refurbished it with great care. The 1870 hacienda was once owned by Emil Dresel, a one-time superintendent of the Buena Vista Vinicultural Society and the defunct Dresel Cellars winery. Craftsmen have shored up the foundation, replaced the fireplaces, given all the interiors fresh plaster and paint, and all with the provision that the historic features must be conserved. The original drive up to the estate is lined with palm trees that lead to the grand stone entryway with the original solid wood door. There is a curved bay window of stained glass (seen at the back patio) with artistry that I’ve never seen before. And onsite is a stone building that was used for storage or maybe even the original kitchen as was the practice in those days.

These days, the Scribe Winery owns the Spanish Revival estate and the former turkey farm which they have now recreated as a winery oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Perched on a hill, picnic tables and blankets are provided for their wine club members, as they enjoy the fine chardonnay and rose wines. We introduced ourselves to Derek, who was kind enough to give us a tasting and fill us in on the history of the winery. Plans are underway to use the large estate for events, but until then, look for the handmade Scribe signage, take a turn off Napa Rd. onto Denmark St. and enjoy the views.

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