Scandinavia Anyone?

Here at Road Expats we’re always on the lookout for great fares to Europe.  Now, Norweigian Air is breaking from the low cost pack with an unusual strategy that’s already delivering amazing roundtrip airfares to Northern Europe.

norwegianThe airline is offering the low airfares by focusing on smaller cities instead of major hubs.  By doing so, Norweigian can take advantage of the lower fees charged by smaller airports in the U.S. and translate them into fare reductions to and from cities in Scandinavia, including Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and London.  In many cases these smaller airports like Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Oakland International in the Bay Area have never featured direct service to and from Europe.  The concept is to allow U.S. travelers to fly from closer to home, without having to drive to major hubs for international flights.

As an example of the fares being offered, an eight day trip from Oakland to Copenhagen from November 30th to December 8th was going for between $400-$500 roundtrip in late September 2016.  By contrast the major carriers were quoting airfares from $800-$1000 or more.  There were similar prices from the other airports.  For now, Norweigian only offers the service from a limited number of U.S. airports, and a few major hubs, like LAX, JFK, and Boston.  But, if you’re near one those airports, you can save quite a bit of money.  Of course, these are bargain basement fares.  You’ll pay extra for things like reserving a seat (now common on bargain airlines), meals, and checking a bag.  However for $70 more per flight, Norweigian offers “LowFare Plus” which throws in seat selection, meals and a free checked bag.

According to their CEO, Norwegian plans to expand its service map across the U.S. in the coming years, eventually challenging the major carriers like Lufthansa, United and the rest for cross Atlantic market share. This might be a very good time to book a flight to Scandinavia!



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