Hot Patatjes and Amsterdam by Night

We love Amsterdam at night.  Young people throng the popular squares, restaurants are open late, bikes go whizzing by, and the atmosphere is electric.  Last time we were there, we stayed at a great hotel called the Park, not far from Leidseplein, a square that is a hot spot for bars, restaurants, and clubbing.  The square sits at the end of Leidsestraat which was once the main road to the town of Leiden.  Here you’ll find the Bulldog, one of the city’s most famous coffee houses, as well as some of the best people watching in town.


Just to be clear, I have plenty of Dutch blood.  Way back in 1650 my ancestors left Holland for the new world, settling along the Hudson in New York state.  But Michon, a Sicilian, spent about a year living with a family in Holland and knows her way around far better than I do.  So when she says we have to get some hot patatjes (frites in Belgium), who am I to argue?  Wander up the Leidsestraat, and you’ll find the patat shops…open late and often sporting a lineup of those waiting to order.

And what a delight they are.  Served fresh from the fryer in a paper cone (made as you wait), these big fat fries are smothered in gobs of whatever you want.  We opt for a simple drowning dollop of mayo…and we’re on our way.   Let me say, there are few things that warm you up on a cold Amsterdam night like a cone of delicious patatjes.  Next time I’m not sharing!

When you’re in Amsterdam, get over to Leidseplein, and don’t forget the patatjes!

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