A Moment of Peace

I’m known in my family for lighting a candle where ever I travel. It’s a time to get quiet, say a word of thanks, and a simple blessing for family and friends who are no longer with us.

Notre Dam windowCandles have been lit in the grand Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for my step father Neal as he battled brain cancer. He studied rose windows and stain glass as a young man with a deep passion and love for the artistry.

In St John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong for my friend Linette, because she would be thrilled to walk into the oldest Anglican church in the Far East. The stain glass depicted local scenes and peasants of the day.StJohnwindow

And a candle for peace at Man Mo Temple on Hong Kong Island. A long line of tourists streamed in, but everyone was very respectful and quiet, so others could stop, light an incense stick and say a prayer. I like taking a moment for reflection, knowing that I have been given gifts of deep friendship, loving commitment and respect of a wonderful man, and an Man Mo Templeabundance of joy in my life. Peace.

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