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  • Monterosso, Italy

    The Day Train from Genoa

    OK, let’s say you’re in Italy.  The spectacular Cinque Terre and its charming seaside villages beckon.  But you don’t have the budget to stay on the coast for several days.  What to do? One great (and frankly underused) option is to stay relatively cheaply in Genoa, and take day trips […]

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  • The Perfect Shoulder Bag

    The Perfect Shoulder Bag

    Anyone who has traveled enough has faced the problem of how to manage the documents, gadgets and cables of modern travel life.  We love our stuff!  And while there is no perfect solution to this problem, there are certainly some options that come pretty darn close. In the past few […]

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  • Latest Gadget tips for Your Flight

    Latest Gadget tips for Your Flight

    Yes, you can take that laptop on board.  But expect a few new rules about how to do it. In the past year many travelers have been confused about the ever-changing rules for flying with laptops.  Are they being banned?  Restricted?  And how?  Well the good news is you can […]

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  • Christmas Markets Ablaze in Germany

    Christmas Markets Ablaze in Germany

    As the winter solstice approaches each December, the cities of Germany come alive with light, color and festivals of food and drink.  I’m talking about the famous Christmas Markets of course, which draw revelers by the thousands to city centers throughout the nation to eat, drink, be happy, and push […]

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  • Our Adult Trips are Coming!

    Our Adult Trips are Coming!

    Well, it’s happening.  Really!  After two decades of creating travel opportunities for students, our first adult trips are on the way!  We have chosen Costa Rica and Italy as our kickoff destinations and will soon be publicizing the trips to active adult groups around the country. It is all part of […]

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  • A Dickens Christmas in England

    A Dickens Christmas in England

    If you’re lucky enough to get to London or its environs this Christmas season, you might harbor a secret wish to step into 19th Century London, that magical and, well, rustic place portrayed in the pages of Charles’ classic “A Christmas Carol.” Well, what’s stopping you?  These days England abounds […]

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  • Italy Top Luxury Destination

    Italy Top Luxury Destination

    Italy still has some serious travel panache.  In a fall survey of hundreds of travel agents, Italy beat out all comers as the most desirable destination for affluent travelers. In the survey of professional travel bookers, Italy beat out European river cruises, always a strong market in recent years, as […]

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  • Wow! Can you get away this winter?

    Wow! Can you get away this winter?

    It wasn’t that long ago that Norwegian Airlines announced shockingly low airfares to Europe from major US markets.  And now another European upstart is shaking things up once again….in a big way. Iceland based Wow Air is blowing away any financial excuses most of us have about getting to Europe this […]

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  • Wine Country Going Strong

    Wine Country Going Strong

    Although the early October wildfires that raced through California’s Wine Country caused lots of damage, the tourist spots and infrastructure of the region survived almost entirely intact.  As a resident of Sonoma County, and Santa Rosa in particular, I don’t want to minimize the impact of the fires.  Thousands of […]

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  • The Traghettos of Venice

    The Traghettos of Venice

    Whenever Michon and I travel, we like to learn new stuff and pass that along to others.  And very often, what we learn becomes part of one of our custom adult trips.  The inside knowledge that we pick up in spots across the globe is too cool not to share […]

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